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How we Poutine

Hello and welcome back to MOQ-HUB!

Today we're elevating poutine to a full meal level.

In our house, we like to make chicken burger poutine and cheeseburger poutine but I think our next adventure will be "pulled pork is it still poutine if there's no gravy on it?"

Our recipes are quite simple, we cook up a breaded chicken burger (or cutlet) we get from the grocer's freezer, cut it up into chunks and add it to our home cut fries along with bacon, mushrooms, onions, cheese and gravy - boom, all four food groups. Simply substitute ground beef in place of the chicken for cheeseburger poutine.

Next time I'll warm up some leftover pulled pork in a pan and add some Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and real maple syrup and toss that over fries and smoked cheese.

What sort of toppings do you like on your fries?


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