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Candied Fish Marinade

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

We've brought candied steelhead camping a couple of times and received very positive feedback.

This is what I use in my marinade, the numbers are just a ratio.

4 Root beer

2 Maple syrup

2 Brown sugar

1 Kosher salt

FG pepper

Chili powder

I start with a whole skin-on steelhead fillet (salmon or any other fish should work fine), wipe loose scales and such off both sides, check for and remove any bones that may have gotten missed. I slice it into about 1" strips being sure not to slice through the skin (to keep the knife clean).

I start with ¼ cup of kosher salt, ½ cup each of brown sugar and maple syrup, 1 cup of root beer, then grind in some black pepper and add chili powder to taste.

Lay the fillet skin down into a marinating dish and add half the marinade to get it into the grooves then turn it flesh down and refrigerate covered overnight (12 hours or longer). Save the other half for basting.

Wake up the pellet grill to 200-225°F and lay her skin side down for 4 hours basting

every half hour.

I typically use apple and whiskey barrel blend sometimes I add hickory or competition to the mix.

For different flavors replace Root Beer with Dr Pepper, whiskey, coffee, etc.

We have used this recipe on whole skinless fillets such as northern pike and tilapia with great success.

~ Randy

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