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Pit Boss Mahogany 820 D3

The Pit Boss Mahogany 820 D3 is a high quality yet readily affordable grill.

At 849 square inches, including the removable top rack, there is plenty of room for a brisket, steelhead fillet, or anything else you want to cook.

Rated at 180-500°, I've had mine down to 150-175° on P4 with ambient temperature of 14°C (57°F) and overcast and 170-185° on a sunny 24°C (75°F) day using P6.

No problem cooking burgers at 350° on a -10°C (14°F) day either without opening the sear plate.

Be sure to check in for recipes and examples of what we've used this grill for. It has become a regularly used item even in a climate that drops to -40°C.

Fairly easy to clean.

(post coming soon about cleaning tips and tricks)


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