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First Week Back to School

Our local school system calls September 1st back to school and while students and teachers are back in the building, it’s only a few days before a statutory holiday and so the first week back to school might have officially been last week, but to us, it was this week.

As previously mentioned, we follow a school-at-home approach to education for our children. Last week we completed a STEM project and this week we hit the books with a focus on Math seeing as it’s M & O’s favourite subject and the one they excel at. We’ve planned out which assignments we’d like to submit by the end of September and I’ve placed a sticky note for each on a board that we can all easily see and recognize as we get close to completion. If we finish everything early, we just might take an extra day away from class.

While M & O worked on their class work, Q started on cutting practice. Our goal for her will be to improve her cutting skills and to master her ABCs by the end of the year including working on the pronunciation of the letters.

This first week back was productive and we kept it as stress-free as possible. In a house with neurodivergent children, we do our best to play to our strengths and tweak things as we need. The school we work with has been fantastic in not only accepting the accommodations that we request for our children but also in helping us find ways to help our children grow in their education.

How was your first week back to school?


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