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Seeking Harmony - Not Balance

Have you ever heard someone say,

You can do it all, but you can’t do it all at once.” ?

These days I am constantly reminding myself that this is the case. When my writing picks up, my physical activity is diminished. When homeschool picks up, my time to work is cut back. There is a constant give and take in my life that I am still learning to live and work with.

Harmony, not balance.

I heard it explained quite well with the idea of an orchestra. Not every instrument is playing at the same volume and not everyone is playing the same note, but if done correctly it all works together and creates something beautiful. Doesn’t that sound much calmer of a way to live than seeking balance? Balance implies everything is equal but we all know that it isn’t. Sometimes the kids take priority. Sometimes it's your job. Sometimes it's you (and it should be you more often than it is). So quit trying to find balance and strive for harmony.

All that is to say, I don’t have it figured out. Not even close. It’s a day-by-day pursuit with the goal of going to bed each night feeling fulfilled and grateful.


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