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Hello and welcome!

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Welcome to MOQ Hub.

We are Randy and Robin, husband and wife team and parents to 3 quirky and spirited children (M-2013, O-2014, Q-2019).

We're excited to start this new adventure and share it with all of you. Over the years we've found ourselves exploring many things and often thought it would be fun to share our experiences and our thoughts with the outside world.

Some things about us

Randy is a mechanically inclined dreamer...what does this mean exactly? It means he likes to create vehicles that are practical yet not quite what the original engineer designed. Take Frankentruck for example. A 1999 Dodge Durango that now has a 5 speed standard transmission. (I'll let him properly explain that project to you in the future as I don't pretend to be the mechanical one in this household.) He also has a passion for cooking, especially outside on his pellet grill.

Robin (that's me) is an author and a visual artist. She writes under the name Robin A. R. Halsey and has indie published multiple novels to date. She also dabbles in acrylic painting and enjoys exploring and expanding her creative passions.

M, O, and Q are our wonderful children. They are inquisitive and compassionate, get along most of the time, and each have their own interests and strengths that may be included on this site by them as they get older.

Why start a blog?

Our intention with this site is to share what we love, be it recipes, reviews, interesting topics, and whatever else comes our way. We will post affiliate links as they are appropriate to products we use ourselves.

We hope you enjoy what you find here.


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